About NakedRootz

This Company was founded by Asha James. She is 22years old and wanted to bring forth more glowing, natural, beautiful skin! 

Our mission is to provide quality soaps, scrubs and oils for all skin types! With something here for everybody, Remember we are selling you the glow you just have to wear it. In order to glow you must grow.. 

NakedRootz Why? I started this company because I’m always out buying soaps, oils and scrubs. What I was buying was labeled as natural yet still had alcohol, acids, dyes and other things that aren’t healthy for your skin! So I decided to stop buying and invest in myself and it was the best decision I ever made!! Be sure to follow us on IG@_NakedRootz for all updated, reviews, new products and so much more!! Thank you for shopping with NAKEDROOTZ!!